About Dudz Buhisan


I am free-spirited young man from the Philippines. I merge travel, photography and blogging as a hobby. When I studied photography way back in college I instantly got addicted to it. I discovered that I have an eye in this field and I can use it in telling my stories.

In the field of photography I had been quite busy a few years back. I was first to shoot Earth hour-Cagayan de Oro, Philippines Chapter 2009. Last January 30, 2009, my shot was chosen as one of the 12 shots handpicked by the editor of the day for the Daily Dozen of the National Geographic Channel.

I have been traveling Asia since 2010. I love the feeling of going somewhere new, knowing various cultures and meeting new people. When I first arrived in Thailand, I discovered a couple of things about myself. I learned that traveling is my first love and when I tried sharing my experience to my friends, I developed my passion for writing. For me, traveling is a rebellion from the stereotypes of this world. We are born to fly and soar, not stay in cornered boxes of work life. I have always imagined myself doing something great for this world.

As of year 2017, I have been to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. There are still a lot of countries in Asia I need to explore and I am more than excited to take on new adventures in the future; telling people about the world out there–stimulating their hunger for adventure.

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