Travel Tips and Hacks for Jet-Setters


If you love traveling I am pretty sure some of the travel hacks that I will be talking about in this blog are familiar to you. I have been to many difficult situations during my travels and if I have the power to inform all of my friends to avoid them, I would really do. So, here it goes.

Emergency Exit.

This is my favorite seat when flying. This is basically because you have more leg room for yourself. When you approach the check-in counter, always request to be seated on the emergency exit. While you cannot bring anything with you when you are assigned in these seats, it’s only until take-off, so a minute of sacrifice won’t hurt. I just also discovered that you can still request to change seat even if you are already checked-in online. And the emergency exits are the only seats they can give you when you request to be reseated.


Food is expensive in airports, all the more when you’re on board. You can buy food outside and consume it once you’re on board. However, there’s a crazy hack that I just tried. Buy instant noodles or coffee outside. When onboard, ask to buy hot water from the FAs. Most probably, they will give it to you for free with a plastic cup, a stirrer and a tissue paper.


In the Philippines, baggage handling is a big issue to frequent travelers. Either bottles get broken, bags get messed-up or valuables get stolen. The latest was the infamous “Tanim Bala” that brought us to the top of the list for one of the worst airports in the world. Declare your baggage as fragile and if you have time to wrap it up with a cling-wrap please do so. Of course it is most ideal to buy a luggage cover since you will be traveling a lot.

Web Check-in.

This is the most convenient way of checking-in, and based on my latest flight to Cagayan de Oro, an electronic boarding pass is already acceptable. No printing needed! You only need to show your boarding pass using your phone and you’re good. Although before, web check-in is only ideal for light travelers, they, however, saw the need to add a bag drop counter. Yes, they were already there before but for Cebu Pacific they already assigned about 4 counters solely for bag drop. There are also self-service kiosks just outside the counters where you can manually check-in and print your boarding pass. Again, like I’ve said earlier, even if you’re already checked-in, you can still approach a counter and request for your seat to be re-assigned to an emergency exit since you cannot really choose your seat without having to pay extra.

Chance Passengers.

When you book flights try to check which flight is cheaper for that day. If by any chance you found a cheaper flight in the last flight, grab it! The idea is to book the latest and cheapest flight and once you are already in the airport, try to request your flight to be moved to an “EARLIER” flight that you desire. I highlighted the word “earlier” because you can only request to move your flight to an earlier schedule and NEVER to a later schedule from your original flight unless you pay for it…and that’s already rebooking. If you are traveling in the Philippines, this works 95% of the time. In my years of traveling, I have never encountered any problem with changing my flight schedule and I only get a seat as chance passenger. The next question now is if this is also applicable to international flights? I asked a friend of mine, who happens to be a flight attendant for a major airline in the country, she said it was possible as long as it’s on the same day. Again, by doing this hack, it might save you a significant amount of money.

Use the Bathroom Before Deplaning.

The best and most ideal comfort rooms to use when traveling are the ones on board the plane. It’s never too crowded and the things you need are already there. Well, that depends when you actually need to sh*t but what I am saying is that it is more convenient than airport CRs due to long queues.

Withdraw Outside The Country.

Usually they charge you Php200 pesos per transaction but a lot of people online says you get better exchange rates when you withdraw in your country of destination. Make sure your bank is supported by PDIC, Megalink and the likes.

Currency Exchange.

We highly suggest buying US dollars and exchanging them in your country of destination as US dollars are widely accepted all over the world. Also, they are the ones with the most stable economy. When you arrive at the airport, sell dollars enough for you to get to your hotel. Exchange rates in airport money changers are usually significantly higher compared to stores outside.

Convenience Store.

Convenience stores are your bestfriends when you are in a foreign land. They provide you with the basic things you need including food, toiletries and etc. This is also one thing you may consider when booking for a place to stay.

Bring Scarf.

Always bring a scarf with you. You will be surprised as to how useful it can be during travels. When it’s cold it can bring warmth, when it’s hot it can protect you from the sun.

Small Bag.

If you are traveling abroad, always bring a small bag with you. You should always bring your money, passport, a pen and your smart phone inside that bag. Pens are essential during travels as you will be accomplishing forms and papers when crossing boarders and arriving at new destinations.

Book from a Different Location.

When you are still planning for a new trip sometimes booking from another location can save you thousands of money. This is normally because promos are different from each country. When you plan on going to Singapore, rates in Singaporean dollar may be significantly cheaper compared to Php so instead of going to Airasia Philippines, try booking from Airasia Singapore.

Printed Copy of Essential Information.

While these days everything is a click away, hard copies of basic information is still best to have. Your paper should contain information such as the complete address of your accommodation, address of the Philippine embassy, essential hotlines for emergency and basic language translation.

Download the Right Apps.

There are a lot of apps out there but you might want to check my recommended mobile apps for travelers. Click here.


If you know other travel hacks please let me know so we can share it to other travelers. Thanks!


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