Getting your Japanese Visa (for Filipinos)

Getting a Japanese Visa is easy. Preparing for the required documents on the other hand is not. The purpose of this blog is to prepare you for what’s expected when applying for a Japanese Visa as a tourist visiting Japan.

When applying for a Japanese Visa, the first thing you need to make sure is your agency should be accredited by the Japanese embassy. There are only a few agencies that are accredited and there are a lot that’s not but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. For Mindanao, you have Discovery Tour Inc. in Davao City. For Visayas, you have Discovery Tour Inc., Attic Tours Phils. Inc., Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation, Pan Pacific Travel Corporation, all in Cebu City. For metro Manila, you have a lot of choices that you can pick depends on your location but most offices are located in SM malls. The agencies cater to its customers on a first-come-first-serve basis and they are open every day except holidays. Just pick the most convenient date for you.

Prior to your application, these are the documents you need to prepare:

  1. Philippine passport – make sure that passport will not expire within the year;
  2. Visa Application Form – It’s advisable to accomplish and print the form before the date of application;
  3. Photo (4.5cm x 4.5cm) – most shops already know the needed specs for a Japanese visa photo;
  4. Birth Certificate
  •  Must be issued by the NSO within a year;
  • For Non-Record, submit a certificate of No Record together with a birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registry;
  • If Birth Certificate is Unreadable, submit birth certificate used by the Local Civil Registry; and
  • If Birth Certificate is Late Registered, submit the following:

o Baptismal Certificate

o School Record (Form 137)

o School Yearbook (if applicable)

  1. Marriage Certificate – must be issued by the NSO within a year;
  2. Daily Schedule in Japan – Please include the name and contact details of your tour guide/host in Japan;
  3. Bank Certificate – there is no required amount as long as the money in your account can prove that you can support your trip in Japan. Ours was more than 50,000;
  4. Income Tax Return (Form 2316/1701/1702) – current year or the previous year if not available;
  5. Letter of Explanation – in the absence of an ITR, the applicant can submit a letter of explanation;
  6. BIR Certification and Valid Business Permit – for applicants who have no ITR but with own business;
  7. Certificate of Employment – for currently employed applicants;
  8. Letter of Support – if you are paying for all expenses, you will not be needing this;
  9. Hotel Reservation – in our case, we attached our Airbnb booking confirmation and official receipt. This is not really a required document but this can help with your application; and
  10. Flight Booking Confirmation – this is not a required document but you need to attach this with your other documents.


Things to remember:

o   All documents must be atleast three (3) months from date of issue and should be original copies unless otherwise stated;

o  if you are having trouble with the requirements especially the birth certificate, ask the agents what other documents that you can present (should be done in advance);

o  Please have atleast one photocopy of all documents. In our case, there were original copies that we haggled to leave behind and instead they took the photocopy documents. It really depends so don’t be afraid to ask;

o   Do not limit your documents to the list above, if you think a particular document can help support your application, include it as attachment; and

o For tourists, the number of days for a first entry to Japan is 15 days.

It’s a really quick process. Once you get there you need to get a priority number and you will be entertained by a personnel that will check and arrange all your documents. After validating, another staff will ask you a few questions and will file your documents for endorsement. Last stop will be payment. We got ours for only P950. They will give you an official receipt that you need to sign on. They will advise you to wait for a text message within a week. The text message will only inform you that you can already get your passport. It will not tell you if your visa was approved or not. You will only know the result once you get hold of your passport. In our case, we got our passports back after 4 calendar days. Then just, hope for the best! 🙂


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