Little Things: Fukuoka

Whenever I go to a different place I always take note of interesting things I see from time to time. Although I don’t get to write about it always but a lot of them are on my notes. These things are random and sometimes can be uninteresting to other people but either way, it caught my attention. So here’s what I found in Fukuoka, Japan.

Tissue Holder

I told you these are petty things. lol. I am just amazed by this simple technology that you don’t need to take the handle off just to replace the old tissue roll with a new one. Check the video below.


Trash Bins

Another simple concept of segregating trash is to identify where to put your trash by using different shapes of holes. Circle for bottles & cans, and rectangular for paper, plastic, etc. This is quite helpful for visual people.


7 Eleven Toilets

Yes. 7 Eleven convenience stores have toilets in Fukuoka. It’s not just your ordinary toilet bowl, it’s the high-tech one. If nature calls, 7Eleven can help you with that.


7 Eleven Wifi

I am not sure if it’s the same with 7Elevens in the entire Japan but in Fukuoka they have free wifi. Well, they have the fukuoka city wifi but it’s another option when you need to connect to the world.



Can major shower manufacturers in the Philippines include this in the design? I have been to quite a few hotels in the country and this is usually my frustration, how to keep it steady to the direction you want it to. Same with houses of friends and relatives. I am not saying that you can’t find it in our country but I don’t usually encounter these types.



This is too cute not to include in the list. Chopsticks with a toothpick! 🙂 Never seen one in my visits to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo but I found one here in Fukuoka. Kawaii!


Money Changer

We went to Hakata station to have our money changed to Japanese Yen. We were introduced to this awesome machine.


Coins Counting Machine

This is the first time I saw a machine like this. A machine that can count your coins for you. It does not matter what type of coin it is, it can do the job efficiently. I saw a somewhat similar machine in banks but usually it’s used for bills. Have you seen one in the Philippines? 🙂 Not sure but it sure is convenient.

How about you? Tell us your little discoveries in the comment section below.

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