How to Get to Nami Island from Seoul

There are different ways to get to Nami Island but we took this route and it went well for us. I also researched online and so far this is the route that takes the least transfers.

1. Take the train to Yongsan Station

Once you arrived at Yongsan station, go straight to the KORAIL ticket counter. See picture above. Tickets are sold at KW 4,800 (P209.00).

2. From Yongsan Station, take the ITX Train to Gapyeong Station

The picture above is Gapyeong station and it takes about 60 minutes to reach this place from Yongsan station. Once you arrived, you need to cross the street and wait at the bus station.

3. Take the Nami bus number 33-5 to Nami Island Station

From the bus station, there is only one destination this bus will go to…the port to Nami Island. The fare is around KW 1,250 (P54.00). You can also take the taxi and pay like KW 3,000 (P130.00). Or you can walk if you want.

4. Pay at the Immigration Counter

Yes. They have a sort of immigration here but you don’t really need to present your passport nor apply for another visa. You just need to pay for KW 8,000 (P348.00). This already covers your boat ride (back and forth) and the entrance fee to Nami Island. There is also a more expensive but fun way to get to Nami Island, that’s via zipline. The 940 meter-long zipline ride to Nami Island costs KW 38,000 (P1,656.00).

5. Ride the boat to Nami Island

It’s a 5-minute boat ride. A really quick one so while at the boat, I took some snaps. 🙂

6. Finally! Welcome to Nami Island! 🙂 

There are many things that you can do on this island. One of which is to take beautiful photos in areas that are less crowded like the outskirts.

Here are some snapshots of what you will see in the island…

 Budgetary Breakdown

Description Korean Won Philippine Peso
Residence to Yongsan Station KW 5,500 P 239.00
Yongsan Station to Gapyeong Station KW 9,600 P 418.00
Bus from Gapyeong to Nami Island Station KW 2,500 P 108.00
Boat and Entrance Fee to Nami Island KW 8,000 P 348.00
TOTAL KW 25,539 P 1,113.00

To get back home, just follow the trail backwards. Lol. Enjoy! 🙂



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