What to Prepare When Visiting South Korea

Like the beauty of Japan I also fell inlove with South Korea. I will definitely come back real soon. And because I love Korea so much, I wrote this blog for those who are planning to visit the place in the future. Here are the things you need to consider before visiting SK.


You will not get much from me but ever since I traveled abroad, I have been a consistent fan of Airbnb. As for our stay in South Korea, we opted for a relatively small room at the center of Seoul called Seoul Mom. It’s a house with a couple of rooms. Our room had a room heater, floor heater and bed heater since we visited during the winter. It was a bit small but it was clean and comfortable plus we have our private CR so it was actually perfect for us considering the price. We got our room for P3,531 for 4 days and 3 nights for the two of us already. Individually, that’s like P588 per day, not bad for a room at the center of Seoul. Seoul Mom is near almost all the tourist spots in Seoul. Although, food is hard in this area as most stores here sell hardware and tools but there is a 7-Eleven nearby in case you need to buy affordable and decent food.


I tried to compare the food prices in South Korea and Japan, and they are relatively the same. It ranges from KW 8,000 (P350.00) to KW 15,000 (P650.00). To be safe, you need to peg your budget for meals per day at KW 45,000 (P1,950.00). That’s a safe budget and if in any case you spend less, that will go to your Pasalubongs. J We visited South Korea for 4 days but we arrived in the evening of the first day so that’s 10 meals all in all. What’s good about Korean food is that it has a lot of side dishes that you can enjoy. Your average meal will have 5 side dishes and it’s a must to try all of them.


If you entered SK via Incheon International Airport (IIA), you need to ride the train to Seoul Station via AREX. You can take the Express (non-stop) train for KW 8,000 (P349.00) to Seoul Station. The trip will last for 43 minutes. You can also opt for the All-Stop train which costs about KW 3,950 (P172.00) and is half the price of the express. The trip takes 53 minutes. Since it’s an all stop ride, it stops at 10 stations before arriving at Seoul Station. You can get the ticket at a ticket machine inside the airport. Once you arrived at IIA always head to the nearest Information booth to ask for basic questions like how to get to Seoul via train and where to find the terminal. Also, don’t forget to ask for a map but most probably they will give you one before asking.

We never tried using the bus in Seoul but maybe you can explore that one also. We often use the subway as almost all tourist spots are accessible via train. Once you’re ready to roam around, get to the nearest 7-eleven and buy a T-Money card for KW 2,500 (P109.00). The KW 2,500 will serve as a deposit and you still need to reload your card. Our budget for transportation per day is KW 5,000 (P218.00).

Once you get hold of a map, you need to plan during the night for places to visit. The map usually contains the location of tourist spots and most probably you will notice them immediately through cute icons. What you can do is to locate the tourist spot and identify the nearest subway station. Write everything down and use an offline app to guide you on your way. 

Tourist Spots

I never imagined that in 4 days we were able to visit many spots in Seoul including Nami Island. Check it out here.

Visa Application

Click here to know more about the details in applying for a South Korean Tourist Visa.

Budgetary Breakdown

Description Korean Won Philippine Peso
Plane Ticket KW 114,790 P 5,000.00
Accommodation KW 40,444 P 1,765.50
Food KW 150,000 P 6,545.00
Train (Airport to Seoul Station and back) KW 7,900 P 344.00
Transportation (City Tour) KW 15,000 P 654.00
Entrance Fees KW 15,000 P 653.00
Travel Tax KW 37,207 P 1,620.00
Nami Island Expenses KW 25,539 P 1,113.00
Pasalubong KW 50,000 P 2,178.00
Incidental Expense KW 6,886 P 300.00
TOTAL KW 463,076 P 20,172.00

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